Riverside Farm HOA Website Created

A new website is now available, which will enable you to download forms, review the documents, financials, newsletters and guidelines for your community, as well as pay your assessments online via PayLease. Moving forward, you will receive an email when a post is created on the website, notifying you of any HOA information.

You are receiving this notice because we used your email address currently on file, to register you as a user of the website.  The final step of this process is for you to log in and verify and update your profile. To log in, please go to www.RiversideFarmHOA.org  and click on the Homeowner Login in the header row. As you are already registered, simply use the Existing Users Log In  area at the top of the page and enter your email address and use RIVERSIDEFARMHOA (all capital letters) as the Password. On the next page, select Edit My Information and Change Password to update the required fields as noted.

Updates to the website are still in progress so we appreciate your patience as we continue to finalize the information posted. We hope this website is a helpful tool for you to stay connected to your community!

PLEASE WATCH YOUR MAIL FOR A PACKET OF INFORMATION THAT WAS MAILED OUT ON TUESDAY.  This packet includes the notice of the upcoming HOA Annual Meeting of Homeowners that is scheduled to be held Saturday March 4th at 10:00am.  This is a very important meeting, and it is hoped that all homeowners will be able to attend.