Crack Seal of Roadway to begin on Tuesday

Homeowners are being informed that road work will be completed on Tuesday, as the contractor completes CRACK SEAL on the road.  The road will not be closed, but you may experience short delays while the contractor completes sections of the roadway.  The Board apologizes in advance for any inconvenience you may encounter, while the work is being performed, but performing preventative maintenance on the HOA Owned Roadway is imperative to extend the overall life of the road.

As always, work is dependent upon weather, but is expected to be completed either Tuesday or Wednesday.

QTR 1 Assessment Statements Mailed

Assessment statements for QTR 1, and a Newsletter, have been mailed to all homeowners.  Be sure to look for the statement in your mailbox in the coming days. Assessments are due on January 1, and are considered late if not received by the 15th of the month.

Assessments were converted from an ANNUAL assessment to a QUARTERLY assessment, beginning 1/1/2018.  Homeowners who would rather pay the full year’s assessment in January are welcome to do so, as all payments will be posted to your individual account as a pre-payment of future Quarterly Assessments.

ALSO – Please be aware that the payment address has changed.  Please update your records and send in the payment to the new address, as listed on the Assessment Statement.

Annual Meeting Reminder – Monday October 23rd at 6:00pm

Homeowners are reminded that the Riverside Farm HOA Annual Meeting of Homeowners is scheduled to be held Monday 10/23/2017 at 6pm, and will be held at the Foster Management Office – 4321 CO HWY 66 (North East corner of I-25 & HWY 66).  Pizza and Beverages will be supplies, so please join us for dinner at the Annual Meeting of Homeowners.

In September, a Newsletter announcing the Annual Meeting was sent to all homeowners, including proposed 2018 Budget to be adopted by the HOA.  Please review the proposed budget prior to the meeting.  An election for 1 Board Member to serve on the HOA Board for a 3 year term, will also be held.

We hope to see everyone at the Annual Meeting.

HOA Board Meeting Scheduled for 8/10/17 at 4:00pm

A Riverside Farm HOA Board Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday August 10th at 4:00pm.  The meeting will be held at the Foster Management office – 4321 State HWY 66 (N/E corner of HWY 66 / I-25, 2 doors North of the 7-11).  Board Meetings are open to homeowners, and a Homeowner Open Forum will be held at the beginning of the meeting to allow homeowners to speak directly to the Board.

Annual Meeting Reminder – Saturday 10:00am at 1448 Sweetwater Ln.

Homeowners are reminded that the Riverside Farm HOA Annual Meeting of Homeowners is scheduled to be held Tomorrow – Saturday 3/4/2017 at 10am, and will be held at the Pivetta Home – 1448 Sweetwater Ln.  Coffee and Doughnuts will be provided.

In February, a Newsletter announcing the Annual Meeting was sent to all homeowners, including documents that have been proposed to be adopted by the HOA.  Please review the proposed documents prior to the meeting.  The 2017 Operating Budget will also be ratified, as well as an election for 2 Board Members to serve on the HOA Board.

We hope to see everyone at the Annual Meeting.

Riverside Farm HOA Website Created

A new website is now available, which will enable you to download forms, review the documents, financials, newsletters and guidelines for your community, as well as pay your assessments online via PayLease. Moving forward, you will receive an email when a post is created on the website, notifying you of any HOA information.

You are receiving this notice because we used your email address currently on file, to register you as a user of the website.  The final step of this process is for you to log in and verify and update your profile. To log in, please go to  and click on the Homeowner Login in the header row. As you are already registered, simply use the Existing Users Log In  area at the top of the page and enter your email address and use RIVERSIDEFARMHOA (all capital letters) as the Password. On the next page, select Edit My Information and Change Password to update the required fields as noted.

Updates to the website are still in progress so we appreciate your patience as we continue to finalize the information posted. We hope this website is a helpful tool for you to stay connected to your community!

PLEASE WATCH YOUR MAIL FOR A PACKET OF INFORMATION THAT WAS MAILED OUT ON TUESDAY.  This packet includes the notice of the upcoming HOA Annual Meeting of Homeowners that is scheduled to be held Saturday March 4th at 10:00am.  This is a very important meeting, and it is hoped that all homeowners will be able to attend.